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Fleetwood Mac- In Chicago 69
Original Release Date: 1969

1. Watch Out (Green) - 4:10 |
2. Ooh Baby (Burnett) - 3:15
3. South Indiana [Take] (Horton) - 3:12
4. South Indiana [Take] (Horton) - 2:43
5. Last Night (Little Walter) - 4:55
6. Red Hot Jam (Green) - 4:36
7. Worlds In A Tangle (Lane) - 4:55
8. Talk With You (Kriwin) - 3:22
9. Like It This Way (Kirwan) - 3:45
10. Someday Soon Baby (Spann) - 7:02
11. Hungry Country Girl (Spann) - 5:37
12. I'm Worried (James) - 3:22
13. I Held My Baby Last Night (James) - 4:04
14. Madison Blues (James) - 4:35
15. I Can't Hold Out (James) - 3:35
16. I Need Your Love (Horton) - 3:20
17. I Got the Blues (Horton) - 3:50
18. Black Jack Blues (Brown) - 4:49
19. Everyday I Have the Blues (Chatman) - 4:30
20. Rockin' Boogie (Spencer) - 3:45
21. Sugar Mama (Burnett) - 4:03
22. Homework (Clark/Perkins/Rush) - 3:18
23. Drifting [*] (Green) - 3:30
24. Fleetwood Mac [*] (Green) - 3:55

This is a classic blend of black and white blues. Who can complain when you have such blues giants as Peter Green, Buddy Guy, and Walter "Shakey" Horton all jamming together? The first song "Watch Out" really sets the tone and tells us why Peter Green is such an esteemed artist. His voice is so naturally bluesy that he doesn't have to fake it to sound black. The second song "Ooh Baby" has the exact same effect. And when the harmonica comes in, the whole set reaches it apex, the blues feeling is emerged to a fireball. "Last Night" features Peter on vocal and guitar and Horton on harmonica is a classic real slow blues. Glad to have Willie Dixon on bass and Buddy Guy on guitar on "Red Hot Jam"-an all star cast. Otis Spann later joins in and heats it off with his fiery piano playing and a hard blues voice. The next side is pretty much all Jeremy Spencer stuff, except for track 6 and 7 which feature Horton on harmonica and J.T. Brown on tenor sax. "Sugar Mama" and "Homeback" let us return to the magic of Peter Green. Overall, an almost perfect album. This is what great blues is all about.

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-Fleetwood Mac- The Original Fleetwood Mac
-Gary Moore- Blues For Greeny

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