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Little Whitt & Big Bo - Moody Swamp Blues

1. Walking Blues (Johnson)
2. Can't be Satisfied (M. Morganfield)
3. Mean Old World (Jacobs)
4. Shady Grove (Williamson)
5. Overseas Blues (McGee)
6. Moody Swamp Blues (arr. Wells, J. Lane)
7. Silvertailed Bird (arr. Wells, J. Lane)
8. The Burning (McGee)
9. I Got a Woman (Ray Charles/Richard)
10. You Go Your Way (McGee)
11. Sweet Home Chicago (Johnson)
12. Two Trains Running (trad.)

You many wonder, who the hell on earth are Little Whitt and Big Bo? They are two old guys in their 70s who are from Alabama. They are now retired and probably dead!! But they made the right choice producing w/the most generous human being on earth, Michael McCracken, this fantastic album in 1995 that gave their career a smooth finish. These guys know nothing but play what I call "really good blues." Whitt's guitar is traditional but safe and smooth. Bo's harmonica skills are by far the most emotional I've ever heard. I tell you man, these people must have suffered so much in order to play this; they've got soul and they've really got the blues!! I appreciate the way they love the blues and the way that they are not at all commercial about their playing. Their playing is honest, warm and heart-breaking. A word for the new blues guys: Don't think anybody can play blues! If you really wanna start, listen to Little Whitt and Big Bo and you'll be ashamed and embarrassed because these people play straight from their heart. A flawless album, my all-time favorite.

Extended Listening
-Buddy Guy & Junior Wells- Alone & Acoustic
-Robert Lucas - Usin' Man Blues
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