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竹田和 - Members Only
Release Date: 1999

1. Open The Door Blues
2. Next Time You See Me
3. Summertime
4. Members Only
5. Natural Ball
6. Hoochie Coochie Man
7. Darling You Know I Love You
8. Strange Things Happen
9. Flash Boogie
10. Greyhound Blues
11. Blind Boy
12. Gee Baby
13. Close The Door Blues
14. Rat Boy Jam (Live)

Truly, the album is just what the title suggests: "Members Only." If you like blues and jazz, then this CD is a marvelous treat because it enshrines all Kazuo's bluesy feelings. This is his first musical release in 17 years and it is a good time to celebrate. His voice is warm as his "flashy" guitar is as skillful as a shark. The only drawback is some use of synthesizers, but overall a fabulous effort. After producing for Danny Summer and Tommy Chung, it's time for the Japanese blues master to have his own solo extravaganza!

Extended Listening

-Tommy Chung - Play My Blues
Danny Summer - A Change is Gonna Come

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