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Neal Pattman-Prison Blues
January 26, 1999
Original Release Date: 1999

1. Momma Whoopin' Blues
2. Catfish Blues
3. Shortnin' Bread
4. Talking About You Baby
5. Market Blues
6. Neal's Testimony
7. Prison Blues
8. Disco Twist
9. Going Back To Georgia
10. 5 Long Years
11. Bottle Up And Go
12. Oklahoma City Blues
13. I Want Jesus To Walk With Me

Go Neal, go brother! That's what I can say about this fantastic blues album, another collaboration by Musicmaker and Mark Levinson's notorious Cello label. Like Guitar Gabe, Neal Pattman is a unique, wild cat of the blues, playing, singing and feeling the blues like a pro. But the variety of this album is incredible. It's got blues from all types and all kinds of levels. There even features a song with Mark Levinson on upright bass and Lee Konitz on sax featuring Pattman singing "Talk About My Baby." Damn, ain't the blues good or what? This album makes me believe blues ain't dead yet. As long as there are guys like Pattman or Gabe or John Campbell (unfortunately, 2 out of 3 are dead) playing and singing the blues, there will still be people carrying out the tradition after the death of B.B. King and John Lee Hooker. Let just hope it happens. This is an album not only for harmonica fans (like me), but also for true blues fans. Yes, for true blues fans only. If you only listen to blues for pretty white boys, go listen to Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Jonny Lang. And I'll lose all respects for you.

Extended Listening

-Guitar Gabriel- Deep In The South
William Tang - Movin' On

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