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Flip Phillips- Swing is the Thing
March 21, 2000
Original Release Date: March 21, 2000

Flip Phillips/Tenor Sax, James Carter/Tenor Sax, Joe Lovano/Tenor Sax, Howard Alden/Guitar, Benny Green/Piano, Christian McBride/Bass, Kenny Washington/Drums

1. Mark Of Zorro, The - (intro)
2. I Hadn't Anyone Till You
3. Everything I Have Is Yours
4. Where Or When
5. In A Mellow Tone
6. Exactly Like Us
7. Music, Maestro, Please
8. Swing Is The Thing
9. For All We Know
10. Flip The Whip
11. Susan's Dream
12. This Is All I Ask
13. Grand Rose
14. Mark Of Zorro, The - (outro)

Flip Phillips sounds like an older Scott Hamilton, or should be the other way around. In fact, Hamilton inherits his style from Flip. Flip has been in the jazz business for a long time (from the 20's on), played with the big players like Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster, Woody Herman and the like, and survived to this day. Celebrating his 85th birthday, Verve puts out this soon-to-be classic, featuring Flip and a bunch of young talented jazz musicians, and shows that there's no such thing as a generation gap in jazz.

Flip's blowing of the horn is soft, as if he was blowing hot air to your ear. That's why his music is often caressing, soothing, putting you in a dreamlike ecstacy. Songs like "Where or When" and "For All We Know" really show how Flip is a ballad master, making lovers fall in love. Often magical, Flip's playing is subtle yet moving in a profound way. At his age, he's able to demonstrate control, showing that his playing matures with age. You can see the young players really have fun jamming with this old guy. This album is a masterpiece of jazz and a showcase of a jazz guru. Flawless!

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-Howard Alden- Sweet and Lowdown

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