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Jacky Terrasson- Jacky Terrasson
January 31, 1995
Original Release Date: January 31, 1995

Jacky Terrasson/Piano, Ugonna Okegwo/Bass, Leon Parker/Drums

1. I Love Paris
2. Just A Blues
3. My Funny Valentine
4. Hommage A Lili Boulanger
5. Bye Bye Blackbird
6. He Goes On A Trip
7. I Fall In Love Too Easily
8. Time After Time
9. For Once In My Life
10. What A Difference A Day Made
11. Cumba's Dance

What a stunner!! Often compared to Brad Mehldau as Bill Evans' legitimate successor, Terrasson keeps his music in the form of a trio, at least in the first few albums. It works. Although not every song is pleasing (some are just post-modern), he pays tribute to those who need it. Born half-American and half-French, he pays hommage to his French heritage in "Hommage A Lili Boulanger" and "I Love Paris." But it's when he pays tribute to American greats such as Chet Baker ("My Funny Valentine," "I Fall in Love Too Easily," "Time After Time") and Dinah Washington ("What a Difference A Day Makes") does his talent show.

You know he's good at the keyboards, but it's when he plays ballads he has total control of them. Especially in "Just a Blues" and "Time After Time," his melodic and sincere style will kill you softly. It's both heartbreaking and heartwarming. He's off to a good start. Once he polishes his style, he can easily become the next Bill Evans. My advice is maintain consistency, play with heart and sit down and think the music through. Thinking is what Terrasson needs in order to succeed.

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