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Eric Burdon & War- Eric Burdon Declares "War"
August 18, 1992
Original Release Date: 1970

1. Vision Of Rassan: Dedication / Roll On Kirk
2. Tobacco Road: Tobacco Road / I Have A Dream / Tobacco Road
3. Spill The Wine
4. Blues For Memphis Slim: Birth / Mother Earth / Mr. Charlie / Danish Pastry / Mother Earth
5. You're No Stranger

What a great comeback effort from our favorite band The Animals' Eric Burdon. This time he comes back with a totally different outlook in life. He leads one of the funkiest R&B bands WAR into a soulful and bluesy moment. This is Eric Burdon at his most sentimental without trying to sound black. One may think that he is indeed black from listening such bluesy tunes such as "Tabacco Road" and "Blues for Memphis Slim." The first song, "The Vision of Rassan" sets the unusual dark tone of this album. And Eric manages to make this a consistent effort, paying tribute to blues greats such as Memphis Slim. The form of the music is a tribute to James Brown, WAR, Chuck Berry, The Doors and the good old R&B, making Jim Morrison sound indeed too white. I can't help to classify this CD into my blues section. This is indeed the good old blues we're familiar with, added to a modern touch skillfully configured by Eric Burdon. A must-have blues album of the century.

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-Eric Burdon & War- Black Man's Burdon

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