當年黑奴在美國鋪鐵路,搵食艱難,做到氣咳無處發洩,唯有引吭高歌、舒解勞累。這些歌曲從非洲原始音樂引申發展,後來加入口琴、結他等樂器,漸形成有規律的旋律和節奏,經Robert Johnson等人發揚光大,成為主流音樂,甚至美國文化象徵,叫做 Blues,藍調/怨曲。

時移世易,今天怨曲不再怨,只是眾多音樂一種。像Blues Guitar宗師B.B. King說,唱Blues未必悲歎憂愁,也可以歡天喜地,娛人自娛。難怪King叔表演時總笑到見牙唔見眼,神態可鞠。以下的Collection是Blues中XO,其中不少個人鍾愛,如William Tang《Moving On》、John Campbell《Tyler Texas Session》等,都是你可能錯過的好碟。多得樂手們努力,為跨世紀的藍調音樂史寫下精采一頁。我們可以肯定,無論科技怎樣發達,地球上都會有人哼這最原始的韻律—Blues。


Tommy Chung- Blues Talk
Tommy relaxes and sounds his most natural, and lets his blues feeling of "love, joy, misfortunes, pain and suffering" flow.


Robert Johnson - The Complete Recordings
Johnson's sounds almost make you feel like hearing someone singing from the grave - the devil is sitting right beside you, that death is round the next corner. details>>


Muddy Waters- Hard Again
Muddy defined the Chicago Blues sound and epitomized the spirit and soul of Delta and Urban Blues. Muddy sang with ease on this record like a bottle of matured wine details>>


Johnny Winter- Nothin' But The Blues
Johnny Winter is the only white guy with sophistication who doesn't normally identify with Black guitarists. He is not a Rock guy pretending to play the Blues. details>>


John Mayall- Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton's bluesy sound of Les Paul through a cranked up Marshall - the power, the touch of the man, his expression on the guitar, were all way ahead of time. details>>


Eric Clapton, B.B. King- Ridin' with the King
Eric Clapton和B.B. King合作已經不是第一次了。論質素,兩位大師一唱一和,淒美得很。

Stevie Ray Vaughan- SRV Box Set
Though not every SRV hit is included, the set is a combination of arguably his best studio work and some of his smashing unreleased live performances, which makes this boxset all the more valuable. details>>

Tommy Chung - Play My Blues
Tommy is a technically excellent and accurate blues guitarist but doesn't do much improvisation. This is standard stuff. If you don't know anything about blues, this is a good demo.

William Tang- Movin' On
William Tang is a world-class harmonica player, and can be compared to Carey Bell and James Cotton. These tracks are played completely spontaneously and they sound cool! Be sure to check out the Chinese blues duet with Clayton Cheung, its purely amazing!

Martin Simpson- Smoke & Mirrors
I was especially impressed by the cello played by Hank Roberts. I've never heard cello being used like this in a blues song before. Simpson, on the other hand, is a fast-hand whose skills are perfectly demonstrated in "Broke Down Engine.


John Campbell- Tyler, Texas Session
There's no need to be black. Campbell doesn't try to sound black here. He just sings the blues with his own natural solemn sad voice, and it works.

Little Whitt & Big Bo- Moody Swamp Blues
Don't think anybody can play blues! If you really wanna start, listen to Little Whitt and Big Bo and you'll be ashamed and embarrassed because these people play straight from their heart. A flawless album, my all-time favorite. details>>
Robert Lucas- Usin' Man Blues
Robert Lucas is a big white guy with incredible guitar skills, harmonica skills, and a voice that sounds black. Listening to Lucas reminds me of the good old days of Lonnie Johnson, Sonny Boy Williamson, and Robert Johnson. details>>

Derek & The Dominos- Live at the Fillmore [LIVE]
If you really want to hear EC play the blues, don't listen to "From the Cradle" yet, listen to this.


Eric Clapton- Crossroads 2: Live In The Seventies [BOX SET] [LIVE]
This is the best collection of EC's blues stuff. This is what real blues is all about.

Eric Clapton- Unplugged
The best Eric Clapton CD ever. This is what I call the new era of Eric Clapton, or the blues era, to be precise. details>>
Jimmy Witherspoon, Eugene Pao- Spoon Meets Pao
A historical disc where blues vocalist Jimmy Witherspoon meets Hong Kong guitar guru Eugene Pao in a 1990 setting. Witherspoon is not at his peak but his voice still sounds bluesy. Eugene proves himself to be not only a jazz guitarist, but an apt blues guitar player. details>>
Danny Summer- A Change is Gonna Come

Guitar Gabriel- Deep In The South
Campbell can sing and play the blues, but Gabe definitely feels the blues like no one has. This is about the feeling and sentimentality of the blues, not merely playing it.


Neal Pattman- Prison Blues
Neal Pattman is a unique, wild cat of the blues, playing, singing and feeling the blues like a pro. Damn, ain't the blues good or what? This album makes me believe blues ain't dead yet.

Stevie Ray Vaughan- The Sky is Crying
"The Sky is Crying" is a combination of skill and feeling, experience and mood, and the psychological prospects of a legend. This album demonstrates what simple good blues is and that it's not only a sheer joy to play but also to listen to. details>>
Gary Moore- Blues For Greeny
Moore shows that no only can he imitate Green with the guitar that Green gave him, he can play it with his own style. Now, he's a legitimate bluesman and people who still don't like him are either stubborn or simply intolerant. details>>
Peter Green- The Robert Johnson Songbook
Green's guitar skills are mesmerizing and Watson's got soul, too. Check out the piano player Roger Cotton and his scene-stealing performance in "Phonograph Blues." details>>

Fleetwood Mac- The Original Fleetwood Mac
I'm not surprised that B.B. King said, "Nobody could make me sweat other than Green's playing." "A Fool No More" and "Worried Dream" show how the word "magical" was invented.


Eric Burdon & War- Eric Burdon Declares "War"
Burdon manages to make this a consistent effort, paying tribute to blues greats such as Memphis Slim, James Brown, WAR, Chuck Berry, The Doors and the good old R&B, making Jim Morrison sound indeed too white.

Buddy Guy & Junior Wells- Alone & Acoustic
No one can do acoustic better than Buddy Guy. I mean, no one but EC. But, you have to also pay attention to Wells' awesome harmonica skills and these guys' voices. They are worth a million years. details>>
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