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John Campbell- Tyler, Texas Session
Analog to digital transfer: April 1996
Mastered and released: May 1999

1. Walkin' Blues
2. I Can't Be Satisfied
3. Rollin' Stone
4. Watch Dog Blues
5. Driftin' & Drifitin'
6. Medley in C/Chump Man Blues
7. My Babe
8. Talk To Me Babe
9. Blues in A
10. The Sky is Cryin'
11. Terraplane Blues
12. Mojo Hand

Probably the best blues CD I've ever owned. Produced by a once defunct now active label Sphere Sound, an ancient record company solely devoted to good blues music. This CD is no exception. Using some incredible audiophile technique, Scott VanDusen has put out an all-time blues masterpiece that captures the soulful tension of a late brilliant Texas bluesman John Campbell, one of the few blues players I truly respect. This Tyler, Texas Session reinforces my belief that the good old blues never dies with time. This album shows us why finger-picking acoustic blues will always find its place in music if done right. My advice to Corey Harris, Keb Mo, and Eric Bibb: before you do anything, listen to this album and feel the passion. I believe that there is infinite passion in blues music, and only this and a few other albums truly demonstrate that. Also, there's no need to be black. Campbell doesn't try to sound back here. He just sings the blues with his own natural solemn sad voice, and it works. I think he even has more blues than his fellow Texan bluesman Stevie Ray Vaughan, but that's only my opinion. This album only features Campbell with his unique voice and two guitars and nothing else. The result is priceless. Congratulations to Sphere Sound on this immense success. Now I'm thirst-driven for another stellar effort from this company. Try William Tang next time?!

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-Eric Clapton - Unplugged
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