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Guitar Gabriel - Deep In The South
January 26, 1999
Original Release Date: 1999

1. Came So Far
2. Expressin' The Blues
3. Ain't Gonna Let No Woman
4. Betty And De Prit
5. Old Fashioned Love
6. Southland Blues
7. Down On The Farm
8. Miss You Like The Devil
9. Sweet Little Angel
10. I'm Mixed Up
11. Make The Best Of Your Knowin'
12. Juice Headed Woman

I'm glad that Musicmaker and Cello collaborated on this effort to let the world know Guitar Gabriel's talents, and they are wonderful. This guy can play, sing and most of all, feel the blues. Mark Levinson spent some time remastering this great album using Cello's super audiophile technique to enhance the blues element of this masterpiece. The marketing of this series is good as well. You can find it at almost all mainstream music stores. Compare this album with John Campbell's Tyler, Texas Session, it's similar but completely different. Campbell can sing and play the blues, but Gabe definitely feels the blues like no one has. This is about the feeling and sentimentality of the blues, not merely playing it. So kids like Jonny Lang and Mike Welch need to listen to this for guidance. The best song on this already fantastic CD is "Old Fashioned Love." This song makes me believe again in old-fashioned love. Gabe left the world in 1996. His voice and talents should be remembered.

Extended Listening
-Neal Pattman- Prison Blues

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