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Tommy Chung - Play My Blues
Original Release Date: 1996

1. It's My Life, Baby (D. Rodney)
2. Leaving Blues (Chung)
3. One Sunny Day (Chung)
4. Natural Ball (T-Bone Walker)
5. Dust My Broom (Elmore James)
6. Drinking Blues (Chung)
7. Play My Blues (Chung)
8. One Step at a Time (J. Winter)
9. Can't Stop Loving (Chung)
10. Last Nite (Little Walter)
11. Roll On (Chung)
12. Lonesome Blues


Tommy's also a representative of Hong Kong blues. He's a technically excellent and accurate blues guitarist but doesn't do much improvisation.I first heard Tommy in Danny Summer's "Now and Then" and I immediately recognized his playing. After I listen to his blues show on radio, I bought his album. I also saw Tommy live on stage in A.C. Hall; he seemed too traditional or conservative to me. This album is standard stuff. If you don't know anything about blues, this is a good demo. "Play My Blues" is by far the best song on the album since it's written by Tommy and is about his life. Tommy, albeit fakes a black voice, doesn't have the blues feeling. However, he gains the blues when he does the Johnny Winter cover "One Step at a Time." Also, Tommy's own compositions are refreshing additions to traditional blues standards. My advice: Tommy, loosen up. Blues' fun!! This album is produced by the Japanese guitar master Kazuo Takeda. I look forward to buying Tommy's next album.

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