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Jimmy Witherspoon, Eugene Pao - Spoon Meets Pao
Release Date: 1990

Jimmy Witherspoon/Vocals, Eugene Pao/Guitar, Ric Halstead/Saxes, Dave Packer/Piano, Mariano Lim/Bass, Johnny Abraham/Drums

1. Send Me Mr. Pao |
2. Sad Life
3. Big Boss Man
4. Trouble In Mind
5. Got Me Runnin'
6. Ain't Nobody's Business
7. Sweet Lotus Blossom
8. Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You

This is a historical disc where blues vocalist Jimmy Witherspoon meets Hong Kong guitar guru Eugene Pao in a 1990 setting where they just sit together and play the blues like the good ole' days. Witherspoon is not at his peak but his voice still sounds bluesy and has lots of throat (phlegm if you will). Eugene proves himself to be not only a jazz guitarist, but an apt blues guitar player. The opening song "Send Me Mr. Pao" already demonstrates Eugene's acoustic talent. In the rest of the album, Eugene stuns his audience with fiery electric playing that reminds me of Eric Clapton's early blues days. Witherspoon even says Eugene is "the best blues guitarist I've heard in years." What makes this album shine has to do with the supporting members of the band: a very impressive Ric Halstead on sax, Dave Packer on piano, Johnny Abraham on drums. If you want to hear more Pao on blues, try William Tang's Movin' On Track 10.

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-William Tang - Movin' On
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