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Weepin' Willie Robinson - At Last, On Time
May 25, 1999
Original Release Date: 1999

1. Love Call
2. Fever
3. Can't Go Wrong Woman
4. Big Mary's House
5. They Call Me Weepin' Willie
6. Mighty Mighty
7. Glory Train
8. At Last, On Time
9. Dirty Old Man
10. Weepin' Willie Boogie
11. Love Me If You Want To
12. Let The Good Times Roll

Needless to say, anything produced by Acoustic Sounds is destined to have fabulous sounds. This album is no exception, but the focus is on Weepin' Willie Robinson, a 73-year-old blues man who never got any attention before. This time, through vocalist Mighty Sam McClain's push, and the kind assistance of the hot cookie Susan Tedeschi, Willie put out this almost masterpiece. His voice is poigant indicating that he's been through a lot. The backup band is great as well, featuring Jimmy D. Lane on electric guitar and Chuck Langford on tenor sax. This shows how a blues album can still a lot of variety. I got this CD new for US$9.99 in San Francisco's Amoeba Records and it's a bargain since I don't foresee a used copy anywhere.

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Extended Listening
-Willie Nelson- Milk Cow Blues
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