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Chris Whitley- Perfect Day
July 25, 2000
Original Release Date: July 25, 2000

1. Spanish Harlem Incident
2. Smokestack Lightnin
3. China Gate
4. Drifting
5. She's Alright
6. Perfect Day
7. Wild Ox Moan
8. Crystal Ship, The
9. Spoonful
10. Stones In My Passway
11. 4th Time Around

With the help of Martin and Wood, Whitley shows us what real blues is about without trying to act and sound like B.B. King. Just be natural and the blues arrives automatically. Check out how carefree Whitley is in "Drifting," and compared to that of Clapton's or Campbell's and you'll know what are the diffferent types of blues singers. Whitley is the carefree type. It's easy to imagine the smirk on his face while listening to Keb' Mo and Jonny Lang. He seems to be saying to them, "Why the need to be real if you can be different?" Whitley is such a uniquely strange cat.

Extended Listening
-Martin Simpson- Smoke & Mirrors

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