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Al Grey- Me N'Jack
Original Release Date: 1995

Al Grey/Trombone, Jack McDuff/Hammond B-3/Jerry Weldon/Tenor Sax, Joe Cohn/Guitar, Jerome Hunter/Bass, Bobby Durham/Drums

1. Matza & Grits (Grey) - 4:02
2. Room (McDuff) - 5:36
3. Cap'n Jack (McDuff) - 5:41
4. Grey Rose Shore (Grey) - 6:45
5. Deli's Blues (Durham) - 8:56
6. God Bless the Child (Herzog/Holiday) - 6:46
7. Toin Me Loose (Grey) - 6:41
8. All Blues (Davis) - 7:10

This is a strange story. My friend and I first heard this album when it was on display in Tower Records, Boston. We loved it so much that we decided to get it, but not in Tower Records since the price there was so expensive. We then walked past a used CD store called Disc Diggers in Davis Square, Boston and we discovered it for a really cheap price $5.99. But there was only one copy available. My friend and I decided which one of us should get it. Finally, my friend bought it because he's a great trombone fan and he plays the same instrument. After that, I sort of gave up on this CD because I couldn't find it that cheap elsewhere. Two years later, I went back to Boston to visit my friend. We went to the same CD store and guess what? I saw the same CD for $5.99 and I bought it. This album really has sentimental value for me. It not only delivers the best trombone-oriented jazz music I have ever heard, but also establishes an indestructible friendship between me and my friend. Music-wise, this is a great CD. Enjoy!

Extended Listening

-Kenny Burrell- Midnight Blue

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