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Chet Baker- No Problem
Oct 2, 1979

Chet Baker/Trumpet & Vocals, Duke Jordan/Piano, Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen.Bass, Norman Fearrington/Drums

1. No Problem (Jordan) - 9:45 |
2. Sultry Eve (Jordan) - 7:04
3. Glad I Met Pat (Jordan) - 5:08
4. Kiss of Spain (Jordan) - 7:15
5. The Fuzz (Jordan) - 6:05
6. My Queen Is Home to Stay (Jordan) - 7:13
7. Jealous Blues [#] (Jordan) - 8:49

This is in fact Duke Jordan's albums since he wrote all the songs. Chet Baker is not the leader but a good tool here so that Jordan's melodic sounds can be amputated through Chet's strong trumpet playing. Chet's playing here in particularly strong given his heroin addiction during these days. "No Problem" starts off the tone: mellow and graceful - defines Jordan's compositions. The songs are consistent throughout, though sometimes appears boring. Jordan's musical phrasing takes time to mature. The last song "Jealous Blues" ends the album with a fine finishing touch, showcasing Chet's humming talents. It is the best song in the whole album.

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