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Carl Saunders- Out of The Blue
March 28, 2000
Original Release Date: July 3, 1995

Carl Saunders/Trumpet, Roger Kellaway/Piano, Buster Williams/Bass, Santo Savino/Drums, Jerry Pinter/Sax (8,10), Andy Martin/Trombone (8,10)

1. Stella By Starlight
2. We'll Be Together Again
3. Prudence
4. Personas Gratus
5. Sad Happiness
6. I Should Care
7. Love For Sale
8. Haunted Heart
9. Minute Waltz
10. This Is The Blues

I must say that Carl Saunders is perhaps the world's best trumpeter since Tiger Okoshi. I first heard Saunders' soulful playing in Dave Pike's Peligroso and I immediately felt in love with his playing because he made the album. Here in his solo effort, his scores home with a big goal. He's bluesy and jazzy and his timing would make Miles and Chet proud!!

Being a member of the Bill Holman Big Band, Carl's texture is almost as rich as Tom Harrell's and his arrangements partake meticulous craftsmanship. His solos are unforced and performed with ease and grace, and his songs are carefully chosen. Each song is a highlight especially ballads like "Stella by Starlight" and "Haunted Heart." His interpretation of Chopin's "Minute Waltz" is a delight and a half. His last blues "This is The Blues" features a strong finish.

It is a shame that Saunders never made it big, but he is a small treasure and a well-kept secret for jazz lovers like us. His playing surpasses that of Wynton Marsalis, Wallace Roney, Dave Douglas, Roy Hargrove and the like. This is a beautiful jazz trumpet album!


Extended Listening

-Dave Pike- Peligroso


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