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John Coltrane- Black Pearls
John Coltrane/Tenor Saxophone, Donald Byrd/Trumpet, Red Garland/Piano, Paul Chambers/Bass, Arthur Taylor/Drums

1. Black Pearls
2. Lover Come Back to Me
3. Sweet Sapphire Blues

An underrated album. I think, however, is one of Coltrane's best works, maybe even his best work. There is no ostentatious emotional trend. Just even playing with a lot of heart. Coltrane, Donald Byrd, Red Garland, Paul Chambers, Arthur Taylor all start out strong with the title track, delivering a consistent overall performance. "Lover Come Back to Me" is fast, but still awesome. The 18 minute version "Sweet Sapphire Blues" is perhaps one of the longest essential recordings in jazz history. Listen to all the solos on this album. Everyone has solo in every song. I think the modern recordings shall follow the guidelines of this album, because I think many people are interested in hearing drum and bass solos on an album too, not just in a concert. "Black Pearls" is a masterpiece of our time.

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