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Guy Le Claire Trio- Live at the Jazz Club
Original Release Date: 1997

Guy Le Claire/Guitar, Peter Scherr/Bass, Anthony Fernandes/Drums

1. An old Cowhand from the Rio Grande
2. Noodle Tune
3. Sau Man Jai
4. Jumpin' In
5. Stella By Starlight
6. Pfrancing
7. From Where I Stand
8. Chef du Telly
9. Blue Mountain

This is HK jazz at its best. Again, a trio recording that strikes has to be at least pretty good. In fact, this is more than pretty good stuff. Guy Le Claire is not as gifted as Eugene Pao as a guitarist, but Le Claire knows his strength and avoids his weaknesses. Therefore, every song on the album sounds smooth and groovy. Moreover, Le Claire and his team play so spontaneously we can feel that they are actually enjoying the process of playing - one of the greatest assets in jazz! Anthony Fernandes is as great as usual on the drums. Peter Scherr is good on the bass, even though I prefer Paul Candelaria (Well, it's a personal bias. Forgive me, Peter!). This live album also features compositions by Le Claire himself, a blend of eastern and western aestheticism. A unique Hong Kong product (no pun intended).

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