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Kenny Barron- Things Unseen
October 14, 1997
Original Release Date: October 14, 1997

1. Marie Laveau
2. Sequel, The
3. Christopher's Dance
4. Tongue In Cheek
5. Rose Noire
6. Things Unseen
7. Joy Island
8. Moment, The

I can totally see why one might compare this disc with Tiger Okoshi's "Color of Soil." Both discs are produced in consecutive years with a similar lineup: Kenny Barron on piano and Mino Cinelu on percussion. A Japanese violinist, Naoko Terai, is also used on Barron's album, which is another subtle hint of borrowing. In fact, Tiger and Barron might just be influenced by each other. Both pay equal tribute to traditional folk songs, whether from Asia or Africa. In this album, Barron demonstrates his ability both as an artist and a composer, though his artistry is objectively better. But Barron's poetry is definitely heard here. His beautiful piano playing is accompanied by such great, non-obvious sounds by his collaborators, who never try to steal Barron's shows. This is a good try from Barron, though not without criticism. But if you really want to know the flair of this great pianist, "Night & The City" is always my first choice.

Extended Listening

-Charlie Haden, Kenny Barron- Night & The City
-Tiger Okoshi - Color of Soil


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