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Charlie Haden, Kenny Barron- Night And The City
March 10, 1998
Original Release Date: 1998

1. Twilight Song
2. For Heaven's Sake |
3. Spring Is Here |
4. Body And Soul |
5. You Don't Know What Love Is
6. Waltz For Ruth
7. Very Thought Of You, The

This is the best jazz album I've heard in a long time. This set was recorded live at the Iridium in NYC, capturing the unbelievable skills of the No. 1 bassist, Charlie Haden, and No. 1 pianist, Kenny Barron. The recording itself is superb, plus the texture of a real live performance, turns this album into a jazz lover's delight. Everything is simple on this album: the playing is simple (just piano and bass), the songs are simple (many generic jazz songs such as "Body and Soul" and "You Don't Know What Love Is"), the message is simple. These two musicians have clearly demonstrated to their audience that good jazz is simple and timeless, which makes their performance quite unique and priceless. I am actually amazed by the two songs that were wonderfully interpreted by Barron. One is "Twilight Song," written by Barron himself, and the other, "Spring is Here," a Hart and Rodgers favorite; Barron plays these two songs in a new age manner but unlike Yanni, Barron plays them with integrity and energy. This album also manifests much of Haden's incredible skills on his acoustic bass. This CD restores my faith in jazz and there won't be a better jazz album in 1998.

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