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Bill Evans Trio- Trio 64
Original Release Date: Dec 18, 1963

Bill Evans/Piano, Gary Peacock/Bass, Paul Motian/Drums

1. Little Lulu (Kaye/Lippman/Wise) - 3:40
2. A Sleepin' Bee (Arlen/Capote) - 5:30
3. Always (Berlin) - 4:02
4. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town - 4:35
5. I'll See You Again - 3:57
6. For Heaven's Sake - 4:26
7. Dancing in the Dark - 4:22
8. Everything Happens to Me - 4:51
9. Little Lulu (Kaye/Lippman/Wise) - 4:39
10. Little Lulu (Kaye/Lippman/Wise) - 5:07
11. Always (Berlin) - 4:18
12. I'll See You Again - 4:30
13. My Heart Stood Still (Hart/Rodgers) - 4:47
14. Always (Berlin) - :44
15. I'll See You Again - :21
16. My Heart Stood Still (Hart/Rodgers) - 1:04

This may be Bill Evans' best album because he never sounded so swinging and humorous people. After Scott LaFaro's death, he finally loosens up after losing a good friend and have fun with the keys here. With LaFaro, Bill Evans' playing was more restrained, solemn and quiet, though structured, leaving little room for interpretation but plenty of room for thinking and reflection. Here, filling in for LaFaro, we have
Gary Peacock, a bassist who assists Evans in a tremendous way. Peacock's solo is often courageous, sometimes risky and funny, making the trio sound so much fun.

The first song "Little Lulu" sets the playful tone of this album. Then, "Santa Claus Coming to Town" gives you a smile, placing the humor at its height. But Evans still plays with grace on every song, adding to the delight. "I'll See You Again," "Always," and "For Hevan's Sake" (compare with Kenny Barron/Charlie Haden's version in Night and the City) remind us that Bill Evans is still keen on the ballads.

This is a playful, humorous, and sophisticated album. Bill Evans has never sounded so carefree, so burdenless, so childlike, so dreamy, and he never would.

Extended Listening

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-Kenny Barron, Charlie Haden- Night And The City

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