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Ray Brown- Super Bass
May 27, 1997
Original Release Date: May 27, 1997

Ray Brown/Bass, John Clayton Jr./Bass, Christian McBride/Bass, Benny Green/Piano, Gregory Hitchinson/Drums

1. Superbass Theme
2. Blue Monk
3. Bye, Bye Blackbird
4. Lullaby Of Birdland
5. Who Cares?
6. Mack The Knife
7. Centerpiece
8. Sculler Blues
9. Brown Funk
10. Superbass Theme

Ray Brown is the most traditional American bassist alive today. He's just a legendary figure considering what he has been through and who he has played with in his jazzical journey. However, being a traditionalist, he never fails to disappoint. Brown gets better as he gets older - experience is the cornerstone of Brown's success. This is not the first time the concept of Superbass arises - Brown has done it before. This time, he teams up with two new players, John Clayton Jr. and Christian McBride, and the result is more than promising. How often do you get three pros playing like they are just talking and whispering to each other? This is a smooth yet expert attempt to blend three same instruments together. One bass is like a hamburger. Three basses are like a Big Mac - big, substantial and juicy. Listen to "Blue Monk," "Bye Bye Blakcbird" and "Mack the Knife" and you know what I'm talking about. Even hearing the "Superbass Theme" itself is a delightful treat! Live live Ray Brown.

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-Guy Le Claire- Live at Jazz Club

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